"Of Mystery And Beauty" - KLARO!  "It stimulates and moves with its ingenious complexity and fascinating fluidity. In short it is, to date, Strassmayer and Mondlak's finest disc and one that surely will stand the test of time."  Hrayr Attarian - All About Jazz</B><br><br>"I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE BEAUTY OF MUSIC AND ITS ENDURING POWER TO MOVE THE SOUL"</B><BR><BR>Drori Mondlak</B><br><br>"DRORI IS AN EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL DRUMMER WHO ENJOYS THE SPACES AS MUCH AS THE NOTES"</B><BR><BR>Robin Tolleson - Modern Drummer </B><br><br>"Imaginative in his high regard and ability to represent melodic lines and contours".</B><BR><BR>Dr. Herb Wong - Jazz Perspectives</B><br><br>“Mondlak is a deeply melodic drummer, but with the deceptive power and finesse of someone like Joe Morello".</B><BR><BR> DRUM! — Andrew Lenz</B><br><br>"DRORI SWINGS WITH THAT JAZZ SENSIBILITY AND INTERACTS IN A POWERFUL WAY"</B><BR><BR>Cary DeNigris - One Peace Music</B><br>"THE RANGE OF SUBTLETY IS BOUNTIFUL, BALANCED AND BEAUTIFUL ON DRORI'S POINT IN TIME"<br><br>Lyn Horton — All About Jazz</B><br><br>"NICE DEEP, OPEN DRUM SOUND AND A KILLER RIDE CYMBAL!!".</B><BR><BR>John Riley — drummer, educator